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About Us

Porterhouse Home Inspections is family owned and operated by husband and wife team, Candice Porter & Erin Morley.

The Porter family has been providing home inspection in the Valley of the Sun since 2011 with Arizona construction experience since 1969. 

Erin, Mark, and Don perform all home inspections ranging from pre-drywall inspections to residential inspections and everything in between.

Candice & Donita Porter, our friendly office staff, are always one call, text, or email away. Never hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Whether you take us from Buckeye to Apache Junction or Cave Creek to Maricopa- we have an inspector in your area.


Erin Morley

Erin joined Porterhouse Home Inspections in December of 2018. He has been a perfect fit right from the start. He has an eye for catching the little things.

Erin officially joined the Porter family in November of 2019 when he married Candice. They took ownership of the family business in 2023.


He enjoys mountain biking with his team, Rooster Racing, and often spends his weekends on the trails. When he's not on a roof or on his bike, he is spending time with his son.


Mark Funicello

Mark joined Porterhouse in August of 2020. However, he did his parallel training with Don in January 2017. We are happy to have him back with us.

Mark enjoys mountain biking, kayaking, backpacking, and doing home improvement projects around the house. With his wife, Nicole, and their two kids, they stay busy taking care of their tortoise (Shelly), cats (Buddy & Fleck), as well as collecting eggs from their chickens and harvesting from their backyard garden.

Don Porter

Don has over 45 years’ experience in the Arizona construction industry. He started building homes in Prescott as a high school job, has held an Arizona Contractors license, and has built 3 homes of his own from the design through the actual construction. In addition to that, Don managed a Fortune 200 cabinet company that sold to almost all of the big builders in Arizona. He knows their products. With that experience he can help you learn about your new home and document items that should be addressed as you make that important purchase.

In his spare time he enjoy's his 7 children and 24 grandchildren. They enjoy epic bicycle rides (both mountain bikes & road bikes) and hikes which help keep them healthy and young! The Porter family have won awards as the largest fastest family in bicycle events such as the Tour de Tucson & the Tour de Mesa.


"Mark Funicello was very thorough, explained simply primary concerns, sent the report the same day and the report was very well organized and easy to read"

Bonnie C (11/04/22)

"Very through inspection report and easy to follow when we reviewed the results. And very nice" (Erin)

Tina S (10/11/22)

"Mark knew his stuff and helped me understand everything, he also explained the area (I am from Missouri). He let me know the importance and helped really explain everything!"

Allison C (09/29/22)

"We were very happy with with the service we received from Porterhouse Home Inspections. Erin Morley, our inspector, was very pleasant and went through and explained everything. We would not hesitate to refer our family or friends to them."

Kathleen G (08/05/22)

"It was a pleasure working with Porterhouse Home Inspections. I feel they did a detailed inspection and provided a great report at a competitive rate. I would highly recommend Porterhouse."

Masoud A (12/2/21)

"Absolutely the BEST home inspector (Mark) we have used! Thanks so much!"

Joanne & Anthony M (12/2/21)

"You can tell that our inspector, Mark, was very knowledgeable. He was a pleasure to work with."

Robert M (9/2/21)

"I have used Don at Porterhouse Inspections more than once. Wouldn't use anyone else! Totally trustworthy and very friendly. Buying a house with confidence this week due to his expertise ! Turned down another one recently due to serious problems he found."

Joy N (7/29/21)


"He was great, thorough, clear, and very easy to work with. Would recommend him to anyone needing a good inspection." (Mark)

Mario S (6/09/21)

"We had owned a previous home and the experiences were night and day. Porterhouse was very thorough, he took us around the house so that we could see exactly what he was calling out in the report. The report it self was very detailed and easy to follow." (Erin)

Frankie H & Adam R(6/04/21)

"Very happy with their service. They found a lot of issues. We were not able to find any new issues post closing. We highly recommend their service!" (Erin)

Ivan P (5/14/21)

"Our inspection was very informative and helpful in determining if this was the perfect house for us." (Mark)

Michelle & Keith S (5/18/21)

"Professional, timely, organized and very knowledgeable!" (Mark)

Sapana S (4/23/21)

We had a great experience with Porterhouse Home Inspections. Our inspector Erin was professional and very informative. He walked us through the home and inspection report and pointed out the various shutoffs, regular maintenance items and preventive items we should be aware of. Thank you.

Mark T (4/16/21)

They were great to work with, very detailed inspection, we felt that nothing was left uncovered with this inspection. Would definitely use them again! (Erin)

Chad B (3/16/21)

Great job. Great report. Lots of pictures. Good explanations of all the issues found. (Erin)

Walter B (3/11/21)

Thanks for the thoroughness of your inspection and the quality of customer care you delivered by taking the time to transparently reveal your substantial knowledge about home care and maintenance. You (Mark) made an obligatory task pleasantly educational.  Outstanding Customer Service.

Ann W (11/23/20)

Was very diligent and knowledgeable and provide a detailed, informative and helpful report. (Mark & Erin, repeat client)

Dawn Z (10/26/20)

Mark did a great job explaining everything to me. Thank you, Mark.

Yvette V (10/23/20)

Mark was fantastic!

Shannon S (10/12/20)

We had the pleasure our home getting inspected by Erin from Porterhouse Home Inspections and to say he was knowledgeable in this space would be an understatement. Not only did he provide a lot of detailed information about the home he was inspecting for my wife and I, but he also took the time to explain things in a way that was very easy to understand. Combined with a great attitude we had such a wonderful experience!

Luis V (08/05/20)

Erin came out to inspect a house for us (buyers). He was professional, detailed in his explanations, and thorough in showing us where the issues were located (if accessible, and if not he had detailed pictures). After he is done inspecting he emails two reports, one with every detail in the inspection and one as a summary. In the summary it marks items that need to be addressed immediately, normal wear and tear, and just questions that may be valuable to ask the seller. They also work with a pest company to inspect for problematic bugs like termites as an additional service to purchase. I believe the price of the inspection and termite inspection (as of June 2020) is good value because of the detailed nature of the inspection and coordination of the two services. As a buyer or seller, I would use PHI again and would recommend to other buyers/sellers.

Puneet R (6/19/20)

Porterhouse inspections did an amazing and detailed job inspecting the home we are about to buy. Our inspection and termite report was delivered promptly afterwards! The payment process was very fair and easy! Everything went so smoothly and it made the home buying process that much easier! Thank you for your service and availability during these times!

Erica W (4/26/20)

This company was great from the very beginning. Pricing was upfront, and it was easy to schedule an appointment (and reschedule, twice, when our sellers needed it).

Rebecca R (3/15/20)

Great flexible service. He (Erin) had to conduct a virtual inspection as I was traveling for business.

Melissa D (3/3/20)

I've used Don and his team for a couple of house inspection. He is unbelievably skilled and experienced. A seller with problems to hide should fear this guy! He went out of his way to make sure that I knew about all issues, risk and most importantly safety items to protect my two young children.

Zach M (1/24/20)

UNREAL, this is an inspection company that I would not hesitate. I was amazed by the report! (Erin)

Morgan B (12/4/19)

Friendly, knowledgeable, quick response times, and just overall great customer service. Would recommend to others! (Erin)

Brooke M (11/22/19)

Thorough inspection & reporting. On time and excellent review & explaining what needed to be done, etc. 

Kenneth D (4/24/19)

Don Porter was amazing! Top notch.

Jenn H (4/8/19)

I highly recommend this company. They are the most honest, genuine, hardworking and thorough inspectors I have ever used. This was my 4th home purchase.

Dale L (4/2/19)


Very diligent and thorough. I wouldn't recommend anyone else honestly. 

Devin B (2/18/19)

Don of Porterhouse Home Inspections was absolutely amazing. There wasn't much wrong with this house, but he was able to find a few things and the homeowner agreed to repair them. He took a lot of time to go over features of the house and gave recommendations. We felt very confident that we were buying a house that was in excellent condition.

Lee F (11/1/18)

Best inspection company! Reports have all the information you need. Photos to show details and lots of information you need on the make that important decision. 

David R (10/12/18)

Porterhouse Home Inspections is a phenomenal smaller company in Arizona. They provided very personable service and their diligent inspection and documentation was very thorough. I am very impressed with their open communication, attention to detail, and fair pricing. I will absolutely be going to Porterhouse for my forthcoming inspections and will be referring them to friends and family. Don't hesitate to go with Porterhouse Home Inspections and be sure to ask questions.

Kevin B (8/4/18)

Extremely thorough inspection process. The summary report was very useful to me for prioritizing repairs and for communicating the repair issues to the seller. The repair re-inspection before the walk through revealed repair work that had been missed. Thank you! 

Caleb R (7/18/18)

I am very impressed with not only Don and his son's knowledge, but also their outstanding customer service! Don put me at ease by explaining what they found and what it meant to me. Great service and great people!

Richard K (8/16/17)

Thank you for taking time in explaining inspection without asking. Prevented us from paying additional costly repairs. I appreciate your service with a smile, but most of all your patience when I did not understand something. (Don)

Carolina M (5/16/17)

What a wonderful experience. Don and his son were so thorough and informative. We were very pleased to have worked with them.

Richard S (2/28/17)

I wanted to let you know the inspection you did for Mike and Virginia Stetson last week really impressed the clients. Mike has mentioned to me and others in my presence how impressed he was with you and the job you did. I so appreciate the time you take with clients creating a relationship, don’t rush but provide a thorough explanation allowing time for a walk thru/dialogue, have the ability to tailor your presentation to your audience, provide recommendations for concerns which creates a logical vs. emotional approach to a situation. You are a true professional and we are so glad to have you as one of our business partners. 

Have a great Sunday…I just wanted you two to know how much I appreciate you!! (Don)

Rosann W (3/20/16)


Timeliness, Offerings, Customer Service, Quality. Very helpful, comprehensive, accessible, friendly, knowledgable, thorough. A great experience. Awesome service! (Don)

Sara (2/2/16)


Don took the time to teach us about the house and what we needed to know. He was clear and precise. We would be happy to recommend you to anyone that may benefit from your services.

David & Julie (4/6/15)


Don was fantastic and took a great deal of time to explain things to me.

Jeremy (3/24/15)


Don was very helpful. Found out things I wouldn't have asked about. Thanks.

John (3/10/15)

Don was incredibly professional and knowledgeable. He also gave personal advice concerning some of my questions, which I appreciated. He was very straightforward and trustworthy, which is all that really matters anyway. At one point while I was outside, the homeowners dogs came out, and my 4 year old freaked out. He screamed and ran away from them, right into the arms of Don. He was wonderful to pick him up and comfort him while he was scared of the dogs.

Chris W (3/9/15)


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